Burning of the Clocks for the Mid Winter Solstice ~ Brighton 2013. Although the weather was dreadful five hardy Saxshoppers came out to play with The Euphoria Steel Band ~ and it turned out to be great fun.

Pavilion Gardens July 27th 2013. After three weeks of solid sunshine, a summer storm arrived just as we started to play. This was one step too far for some of the audience! But the show had to go on and we played like true professionals. Admittedly some of the tunes were a little faster than normal mostly due to the fear of being struck by lightning!

Pavilion Gardens, Brighton 

July 2012

Brighton Bandstand

Saxshop with Euphoria Steel Pans

July 2012

Burning Of The Clocks, Brighton

December 2012

Lark In The Park - Withdean Park, Brighton Festival Fringe

12th June 2013

'Pitch Invaders' - playing at Mark Bassey's 'Bassey Plays Basie' gig

9th June 2013

Olympic Torch Relay, Hove Park in

collaboration with Euphoria Steel Pan Band

July 2012

Simon D'souza's 'Spirit of Love' gig,

Brunswick, August 2012, raising £935

for Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre 

Community Saxophone Ensemble Based In Brighton & Hove